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        I just went to cinema (alone 😀 ) because i wanted to watch my favourite superhero: Spider-Man. Actually i was so busy but i liked to spend my time (and money, €11 for  1 ticket and 1 Coca Cola 0,5 L) for Spider-Man, I also wanted to “escape” from my duties and works for a moment. BTW I don’t know why i like Spider-Man very much since i was a kid. Maybe when i was a kid i liked Spider-Man because his costume…maybe. Actually Spider-Man is like the other superheroes, has a big power and also a big responsibility for justice. Beside his skills  I think the difference between Spider-Man and the other superheroes is only his adversity, yup Spider-Man/Peter Parker is a poor guy.
         BUT  I am not going to talk about Spider-Man because I am sure hope all of you already knew him. So it’s not about the movie but it’s about values (of life). nggaya sok enggris2an

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